How to lock and unlock the usb port in your pc

Lock and unlock the USB port in windows 7 PC

If someone access your computer or laptop at your work places or collages. you will lose your sensitive data from your PC .To prevent such type of unauthorized access of your computer or laptop, lock the USB port , no one can’t  access your PC .If you want access the USB port yourself unlock it by following these steps.

1. First open the run box in the windows start menu.

2. Type the text regedit in the run box.

3. In the registry editor ,open the folder below mentioned.


enter the suitable value

4. For disabling the usb port double click on Start REG_DWORD ,and enter with 4 instead of 3 and then click ok.Once completed then close the registry editor.That will disables the USB Port automatically.

5. For enabling the USB Port double click on Start REG_DWORD edit the value with 3 instead of 4 then click ok.That will enables the USB port.

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